Tips For Choosing Catering Services For An Italian Wedding

For an Italian wedding, you need to look for catering services offering Italian food. There are so many dishes to choose from at an Italian wedding as the Italian cuisine is very extensive. Here you will find tips on choosing the best catering service for an Italian wedding.

Ask friends and relatives

You first need to ask your friends and relatives for suggestions. If someone has recently booked a catering service for a wedding, then that person can tell you about the quality of food and service of that caterer.

Look for the specialists

You should look for catering services that specialize in weddings and particular Italian weddings. The wedding catering service is different from that of other events. Only the specialists can ensure that the catering service turns out to be of high quality.

Check experience and other credentials

You should check out the years of experience in the catering service and also the training and other credentials they have received. This will give you an idea about how skilled they are in providing the service you require.

Get reviews and testimonials

You should visit the websites of the catering service providers and read the reviews and testimonials. This will tell you about the quality of their service. You will also know about the challenges in hiring a catering service.

Choose menu

At an Italian wedding, you should choose an Italian menu. You can go for buffet-style lunch or dinner, which can include a selection of Italian bread, salad, pasta, poultry, vegetable, beef, fish, and pizza. You can have a table of traditional Italian desserts and drinks.

Get a quote

After you have finalized the menu, you should get a quote for the catering service. You should see if it matches your budget. When preparing your budget, you should keep some room for extending the budget for catering if necessary. You must know the number of guests before getting the quote.

A good catering service can make your wedding a memorable occasion for the guests. They will enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine at the Italian wedding.