5 Best Italian Restaurants In Australia

If you are craving Italian food while living in Australia, then you need not worry. Some of the best Italian restaurants in the world are in Australia. Here is a list of good Italian restaurants where you can go in Australia.

LuMi’s Fine Dining

This restaurant has been named one of the best Italian restaurants in the world for the second time. Here you will find fine Italian cuisine. Ingredients and cooking techniques from Asia are incorporated in preparing the dishes. Fresh Australian ingredients are also used. Along with Italian cuisine, you will find Japanese and Australian dishes too.

Al Taglio

It is a great place for having pizza. Located in Sydney, it is one of the best pizzerias in the world. Here you will get pizzas made from traditional and reinvented recipes. Sometimes unique local ingredients are used in making pizzas like sea urchin or kangaroo.


This is a popular Italian restaurant in Tasmania. Here you will get Italian cuisine with Australian ingredients. People often mention this place as ‘fine dining’ as you won’t get the traditional Italian dishes here. You will have a wonderful time visiting this restaurant because not only it’s menu fun, but the service and environment of the restaurant also give a fun image.

Pasta Italia

The chef here prepares dishes using exotic seasonal ingredients. As a result, you will notice the freshness of the new season in every dish. You will find translucent-coloured pasta here that tastes awesome.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very friendly. The restaurant staff ensures that the guests have a wonderful experience. You will find the traditional Italian dishes here with authentic flavour.


This restaurant has two outlets; one in Sydney and another in Brisbane. You will find a wide range of meat, vegan and dairy dishes here. You will love the outstanding décor of this restaurant.

These restaurants offer both traditional and modern Italian cuisines. In some of these restaurants, you will find Australian and Asian dishes too. You must visit these restaurants for a fine dining experience.