Things To Know About Italian Food Etiquette

Food of every region carries a history and culture. It will be helpful to know the food etiquette before you visit a particular restaurant. Here is something to know about Italian food etiquette.

Reserve a table

If you decide to visit an Italian restaurant, it is recommended that you book a table beforehand. Italian restaurants can be busy all the time, and without booking a table in advance, you might not get a seat.

The restaurant manager will hold your seat if you are about 20 minutes late. Otherwise, the table may be given to other guests. So, if you are running late, make sure to call and let them know.

Ask the waiter for his opinion

You might not be familiar with all the Italian dishes. So, you should ask the waiter for suggestions. It is always better to choose dishes made from local ingredients. Try out the local specialties, and you won’t be disappointed.

Leave a tip

It is an Italian tradition to leave a tip after you have finished eating in an Italian restaurant. Though it is not compulsory to leave a tip, it’s considered a gesture of appreciation.

Use cheese sparingly

As most Italian dishes contain cheese, don’t put on extra cheese on your pasta or pizza. Sometimes cheese doesn’t go with dishes like fish or meat. Usually, the waiter will offer you extra cheese with the dishes where you can put on the extra cheese. If the waiter doesn’t offer anything to you, then don’t ask for any.

Dinner timing

Unlike people of America and most European countries, Italians eat dinner late. The dinner time is 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, and most restaurants will open their doors after 7 pm.

Don’t order a cappuccino with a meal

The Italian restaurants don’t serve cappuccino with lunch or dinner. It is considered to be a breakfast item. So, if you have to drink a cappuccino after lunch or dinner, you have to go elsewhere.

Once you know this etiquette, it will be convenient for you to dine or have lunch in an Italian restaurant. You will be able to choose a good menu also.