Pari Pasticceria offers a variety of traditional pastries made to perfection to delight your palate and amaze your eyes. From the classic “Pasta di Mandorla”(almond pastry) 100% gluten-free to our creamy profiteroles, Pari will enrapture your senses and will catapult your imagination right into a classic Sicilian cake shop. Have a sit and accompany your favourite treat with a nice cup of coffee, or bring it at home in a nice and well-decorated box, Pari will ensure you will impress family and friends with its sweets. As a tradition wants, Pari also offers a vast range of savory options, simply called “Tavola Calda”: pizzette, arancini, cartocciate and cipolline are the unmissable elements of a perfect break or the loyal partners of the successful party. Make your order and be sure quality will be brought at your place. Both sweet and savory can be also ordered for banqueting purposes, as finger food options:  small mouth-watering petites will enrich parties, feasts and any corporate event

Pari proud itself to offer the most genuine and fresh ingredients with its exquisite cakes, made for you with masterly skill. From the most traditional ricotta cake to the more sophisticated cake design art, Pari will ensure quality and consistency at all time.


Biscuits & Mignons