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    Apple Danish

    Pastry filled with vanilla custard and topped with fresh apples


    Pastry, vanilla custard, apples, gelatin


  • Bombolone

    Soft brioche dough deep fried and stuffed with your favourite custard or with Nutella. Fully dusted with icing sugar

  • Croissant

    Ideal for both sweet and savory taste, the croissant can be done with different fillings

    Ham Tomato and cheese

    Chocolate custard

    Vanilla custard

    Pistachio custard


  • Iris

    Soft brioche bun with chocolate or vanilla  custard heart, encrusted and deep fried

  • Pan chocolat

    Soft brioche dough topped with melted dark chocolate

  • Raviola alla Ricotta

    Pastry filled with ricotta custard

  • Zuccherati

    Most famous as torciglione, this is a brioche dough fried and stuffed with your choice of home made custard and dusted with sugar